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What is Xero Accounting and what are cloud systems?

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We like Xero accounting because:

  • it’s simple to use
  • you can see the picture straight away
  • you always know what’s happening with the cash
  • it makes it easy for us to help you

Cloud computing is the delivery of a computing service over the internet. Instead of installing software directly on your computer you simply log in using your web browser.

The benefits?

  • No large upfront costs for software or hardware – it’s pay as you go
  • No installation or updates for you to do– it’s all done automatically
  • You can access your information anywhere you are, anytime you’re online
  • Automatic and secure data backup to the cloud
  • It’s easier for us to help you if we can see the same information as you, and we can do that in real-time.
  • We can keep an eye on things and let you know of issues you may not have spotted before they become a problem.

A recent survey of small businesses found that 12% wish their accountant would use online software like Xero accounting.

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