National Minimum Wage

Payroll – Are you paying the National Minimum Wage?

Posted on December 15th, by Helen in Payroll. Comments Off

Whether you are running your own payroll or using an accountant it is your responsibility to pay the National Minimum Wage to all of your staff. and that includes teenagers.

I came across a case this week of a 16 year old who had not received the payrise due when the National Minimum Wage went up in October. It might not seem a lot, but 7p per hour is a lot to a 16 year old. Maybe you set your pay rises for January or April – at the start of your business year. Well don’t forget to review them in October when the National Minimum Wage usually rises.

So just a recap, what should you be paying:

National Minimum Wage from 1st October 2014:

£6.50 per hour    21+ years

£5.13 per hour   18-20 year

£3.79 per hour    Under 18

£2.73 per hour   Apprentices aged 16-18, or … Read More »

Are you paying the National Minimum Wage?

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Look out for changes to the National Minimum Wage from October 1st. The rate for adults rises by just over 3%.

For most employers this will have little effect as employees are paid more or substantially more than the minimum wage. And it seems on the surface, a pretty straight forward calculation – amount paid divided by numbers of hours worked.

But it can catch you out as an employer, particularly when you take on casual employees to achieve a specific task. For example you may agree a fixed amount, say £500 for an employee to lay a patio. You need to make sure that the rate you pay actually covers the average hours it takes to do the job.

Have a think about the way you decide to reward employees and make sure that you have methods in place to check that … Read More »