Payroll – Are you paying the National Minimum Wage?

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Whether you are running your own payroll or using an accountant it is your responsibility to pay the National Minimum Wage to all of your staff. and that includes teenagers.

I came across a case this week of a 16 year old who had not received the payrise due when the National Minimum Wage went up in October. It might not seem a lot, but 7p per hour is a lot to a 16 year old. Maybe you set your pay rises for January or April – at the start of your business year. Well don’t forget to review them in October when the National Minimum Wage usually rises.

So just a recap, what should you be paying:

National Minimum Wage from 1st October 2014:

£6.50 per hour    21+ years

£5.13 per hour   18-20 year

£3.79 per hour    Under 18

£2.73 per hour   Apprentices aged 16-18, or 19 and in their first year otherwise standard rate.

Payroll can be complex so ask for help if you need it.

At Millbrook Financial Management we run payroll for a number of businesses and charities. We can help you not just with the payroll, but also with your auto-enrolment pension processing.

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