How we’ve helped

Factory stock to cash and profit

A busy factory manufacturing goods for the construction industry had a good order book but too much stock and too little storage. The owners needed to convert some of this stock into cash flow and profit. They needed to be able to identify which stock was useful and which stock was not generating profit.

We gave them that capability.

With better stock management the factory owners negotiated with customers to take more of the stock, releasing storage space and generating cash and profits for the factory.

From cash flow forecast to loan

A local business urgently needed to negotiate a loan to fund an increase in working capital. The business needed a financial forecast that would take into account a range of assumptions, would accurately predict how much profit they would have and how much working capital they needed over the next few years.

We gave them a working model to forecast their cash flow and profit

With this working forecast they could understand how changes in assumptions impact profit and cash flow giving both the business and the lender confidence to proceed.

A business case for a local charity

A youth club in a village hall set up and started well until they were forced by child protection regulations to hire the whole building. With the increased rent the club was not viable. The organisers needed to find additional funding for their club.

We produced a business case for the club chairman to take to the local council.

With our business case, he successfully persuaded the council to give the club a grant to cover the additional rent and the club is now thriving.

An accounting system for an international business

Two business partners established a company to sell their newly developed products overseas. They were busy with their distribution network and technical issues and they just didn’t have time to manage the paperwork. They needed an accounting system to manage their invoices and cash.

We provided a proper accounting system.

The business was then easily able to manage the customer orders through to delivery, produce all of their invoices, their VAT and EC sales returns, generate reports and produce regular management accounts so that they could monitor their on-going performance and profit.

Calculating the costs

A multinational business had a complex manufacturing process with many end products and intermediates. The managers needed to find a reliable way to work out the cost of each product so that they could monitor their production performance and profitability.

We built them a model to do this.

With a reliable costing model the managers were able to calculate the costs of all of their products and predict the impact of changes on the cost of individual products. They were also able to monitor their wastage and profitability for each product line.

Further examples of how we’ve helped

  • Saved a business owner VAT and fines by providing Xero accounting
  • Provided support as the Finance Director and HR Director to a manufacturing company improving profits and working capital management.
  • Negotiated with the Valuations Office to overturn a substantial increase in business rates.
  • Recovered tax worth nearly 15% of the income of a charity.
  • Analysed the reasons for a decline in income and developed a strategy turning a deficit into surplus for a charity.
  • Helped a multinational company implement an Oracle Financials System from design of the chart of accounts to post-implementation development.