About us

If you want more from an accountant than just the end of year accounts and tax return then you need a Chartered Management Accountant.

Millbrook Financial Management was  founded by Helen Alexander a Chartered Management Accountant in 2012. Helen has spent more than 20 years as an accountant. She has a broad range of experience from costing analyst through to finance director and charity trustee.

Having successfully built up a base of accountancy clients the business restructured in November 2016 to focus on our core skill – supporting owners in larger businesses to achieve their goals.

What do Chartered Management Accountants do?

Chartered Management Accountants combine accounting, finance and management with the leading edge techniques needed to drive successful businesses.

In addition to the usual tax and accounting work Chartered Management Accountants:

  • advise managers about the financial implications of projects
  • explain the financial consequences of business decisions
  • formulate business strategy
  • monitor spending and financial control
  • conduct internal business audits
  • explain the impact of the competitive landscape.

The management accounting skill set

Most accounting qualifications train people for audit and tax issues.  Chartered Management Accountants have the following skill set:

  • Analysis – they analyse information and use it to make business decisions.
  • Strategy – they formulate business strategy to create wealth and shareholder value.
  • Risk – they identify and manage risk
  • Planning – they apply accounting techniques to plan and budget.
  • Communication – they determine what information owners and managers need and explain the numbers to non-financial managers.

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CIMA Chartered Management Accountant